Google disabling ‘Plus’ accounts that violate name policies.

Dear Google Plus,

Coke Talk is my real name. Legally. It’s on my Hong Kong drivers license as the Americanized spelling of 谷德 which is pronounced “Kuk Tak.”

I’d be happy to prove that my name is Chinese, but the other day, my wallet was stolen on my way to volunteer at the homeless shelter for sick puppies, so if you disable my account, that means you are all a bunch of heartless racists.

Please just leave me alone and go about your business plotting world domination. Seriously, don’t be Name Nazis. Don’t be Facebook. Don’t be evil.

Thank you for being cool.


Coke Talk

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    I received a Google+ invite, so I signed up and spent an hour trying to find some or any privacy settings. I was so...
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    but wait… that’s not what it transliterates into….
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    Dude that sucks. I have a friend who’s actual name is Count and FB won’t let him use it.