You Probably Hate Anne Hathaway Because of the Economy

Interesting, but nope. We don’t hate Anne Hathaway because of the economy. Actually, we don’t hate Anne Hathaway at all. We just don’t give a shit about her particular fairy tale.

It’s not Anne’s fault. She just doesn’t project authenticity. I know that sounds ridiculous, given that authenticity is as manufactured as anything else we absorb from pop culture. Still, authenticity is what it takes for us to scrape off our protective layer of cynicism and enjoy a genuine emotional response to whatever they’re trying to sell us.

In Anne’s case, we’re just not buying it. Sure, she’s talented and lovely and probably holds the world record for never slouching a day in her life, but her humility is false, and even by Hollywood standards her stardom is hyper-calculated. It’s hard to like someone who takes her celebrity that seriously.

Anne has one of the most beautiful smiles in the history of teeth, but you know what? We don’t trust it. We don’t believe that the expression on her face matches the content of her soul, and that slight emotional hypocrisy is enough for us to turn on her.

That’s the fundamental difference between Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway. We’d all rather imagine ourselves as J-Law’s BFF because when she smiles (or trips or cries or farts) we believe her. She is authentic in a way that Anne just isn’t.

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    All the J-Law love (particularly couched at Hathaway’s expense) just makes me dislike J-Law. I also think people put way...
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    i don’t understand where all this hatred for her came from. if you don’t like her as an actress, for her profession,...
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    ”…authenticity is what it takes for us to scrape off our protective layer of cynicism and enjoy a genuine emotional...
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    if you want to see her authentic about something watch her speech from when she won the Glaad award thing
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    I don’t “follow” celebrity like the majority but I AGREE here.