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    take a nap.
  3. versechorusbridge answered: Barter the Vatican riches for land. Build sustainable communities with those who need the most help, to help themselves.
  4. sewn2gether answered: LGBTQ accepted/ loved, investigate the child molestation cases, reallocate funds to help ppl rather than aesthetic institutional bullshit
  5. maggisv answered: Get drunk and re-paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  6. notyourjennyfromtheblock answered: Create the position of vice pope. Elect Jennifer Lawrence as Vice Pope!
  7. supersedure answered: Discredit and disband the catholic church.
  8. cocainecornelius answered: Harlem Shake: Vatican Edition in the Room of Tears.
  9. ssikiss answered: id let them eat cake
  10. 5uzanne answered: Become teen pregnant.
  11. middleclassbrokeasslawyer answered: Fart.
  12. staygold-acidtest answered: disband the catholic church, sell its assets, donate the proceedings
  13. dreamingaboutthemoon answered: Go to the Vatican library and archive.
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  15. thrillseekingbehavior answered: Lotto numbers
  16. pjsalready0n answered: Legalize abortion
  17. jabom answered: Run away from cardinals trying to poison me
  18. ragenow answered: Declare my atheism and use the Catholic church’s money to fund space exploration.
  19. wordsasnapalm answered: Never, ever wear pants.
  20. ledlightsandpancakes answered: Say sorry.
  21. meanlittlebumblebee answered: Declare birth control and gays as totally cool.
  22. collectorbynecessity answered: Institute the doctrine of Papal Fabulousness, wherein the Pope is always the most fabulously dressed, as ordained by God.
  23. shitmysisterlearnedonfoxnews answered: Tell the amigos it’s okay to wear rubbers. And it does NOT make you a good Catholic to have 8 kids.
  24. sferrero answered: Share with the world all the history that the vatican has covered up/hidden throughout history