A number of you have suddenly asked for my thoughts on “transethnicity.” The source of these questions stems primarily from a conversation started by a white teenager who goes by the name Sakura and identifies as Japanese on her tragically hilarious tumblr.

It seems that tumblr’s social justice warriors recently found Sakura, and they’ve been giving her buckets of shit for claiming to be “transethnic.” That’s all well and good, but it should be noted that Sakura claims to have several serious mental disorders, and in addition to identifying as Japanese, she also identifies as “a genderqueer asexual dragon-fox otherkin named Sam,” as well as the My Little Pony known as Fluttershy.

In other words, this is all very ridiculous. At best, Sakura is an emotionally unstable and psychologically damaged high-school girl. At worst, she is somebody posing as an emotionally unstable and psychologically damaged high-school girl. Either way, no one should be engaging her in a debate.

Personally, I think you’re all being trolled. I call bullshit on the whole “transethnicity” discussion. None of you should be burning calories on this stuff. It’s not a legitimate problem. It’s just a silly distraction that renders the highly coded language of social justice into self-parody.

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