To all of you who jumped down my throat about the HIV/AIDS awareness poster, yes. I am now quite aware that it’s part of an ad campaign that includes three images. Thank you very much.

Allow me to respond to your various levels of opinion:

1. Why are you so angry? All caps and exclamation points are not a substitute for a logical argument.

2. There’s a difference between a subliminal message and a subtextual message. I’m just sayin’, if you’re gonna throw big words at me, it’s best you know what they mean.

3. Although they are part of the same ad campaign, the three images exist independently. The fact that there is a hetero and a homosexual male version isn’t evidence that I’m wrong about an independent interpretation of the female version.

4. If you insist that the images don’t exist independently, fine. You’re wrong, but whatever. We can limit the scope of the discussion, and it still wouldn’t alter my central thesis all that much, which is:

5. The implicit message in this ad campaign is that private parts are not private, but rather public. (This is really not all that shocking or that interesting.)

6. If we link all three images and make their interpretation dependent upon one another, suddenly we’re in a discussion on the topic of privacy and ownership of one’s own sexuality. Naturally, these three questions follow:

7. What are the implications for a straight man?

8. What are the implications for a gay man?

9. What are the implications for a woman?

10. I maintain that I’ve already answered that last question. If you want to answer the other two, feel free. I’m done giving a fuck for now. Thanks!

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  4. the-bronx-remembers said: I think this is a very clever add. Why do so many early 20 somethings get to university, read a few eye opening books, then go on this never ending quest to find the world’s biggest soapbox? The human body is beautiful. People sleep around. Period.
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    just take the L fam
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    When wrong, attack people’s “rage” and saying that caps and exclamations don’t make logical claims. “That shirt isn’t...
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    OK, so I saw the one on the far right and was like “Oh god.” and then I imagined one that had a dude’s butthole in it...
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    Nothing about this ad campaign isn’t disgusting. Ick. |
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    The fact that people still don’t fucking get it astounds me. I also read on the notes of the previous related post by CT...
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    This imagery is offensive on all kinds of levels, but what really gets me are the number of “visits” It takes 35 fucks...
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  16. fckypym said: You’re ability to bitch slap people through intelligent conversation and logic inspires me day after day. AWESOME (There’s that caps lock for ya … )