The whitest thing anyone has ever texted me.

The guy I’m deciding whether to date just casually referred to Starbucks by its Nasdaq abbreviation. Those are the weird details about a dude that I notice, especially the MBA types.

He’s the first guy I’ve taken the least bit seriously since that actor fucked me sideways at the beginning of the year. I’ve had a fling or two in the interim — a three day drug bender with a crazy hot bartender, Vegas with a platonic partner-in-crime — but I can already tell this new guy isn’t just a seat filler.

He’s an executive at a toy company who — surprise — has a raging case of peter pan syndrome. That I don’t mind. I can handle a certain boyish charm as long as it’s not accompanied by emotionally crippling levels of self-involvement.

We’ll see. He comes recommended by the kind of mutual friends who know my dark side. They’ve indicated that he’s too much for most girls to handle, which of course, I interpret as a challenge.

There’s an ex-wife who’s not in the picture. No kids. He’s probably seen the inside of Passages Malibu, but that kind of shit doesn’t scare me. Best I can tell, he’s a wild man who’s managed to convince the world he has his shit together. I want that. Hell, I need that if I’m expected to hold my interest longer than a holiday weekend.

Yeah, we’ll see.

Moon - Little People

Rough week. Playtime tomorrow. Tonight I’m gonna take it easy.

"I don’t know any soft poets."

Nas, on Real Time just now, making Bill Maher look like a schmuck.

I know I’m late to the party, but I got back into town and just now got around to watching the Louie CK Saturday Night Live.

Holy fucking shit, Sam Smith.

SNL musical performances are notoriously awful. The stage is tiny. The soundboard is unforgiving. World class rock stars show up and consistently delivery painfully mediocre performances.

This dude, though. Wow. Out of nowhere, he gives one of the most beautiful live performances I’ve ever seen on SNL. Totally melted my face.

Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) - Tinashe

Whoever recommended this, yeah. You’re right.

Ugly-Sexy: Cool?

Here’s a thing I lent a few words to. Read it.


Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) - The Whitest Boy Alive

I can’t wait to get back to LA.


Dream & Love - Lexer

I think I finally have to sleep tonight.

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Warm Water (Figgy Remix) - Banks

I’m in the mood to get fucked in the shower.

Worth a trip to New York.

Worth a trip to New York.